Discovery of 23 tons of polyethylene powder outside the distribution network in Lorestan

The Lorestan police commander announced the discovery of 23 tons of petrochemical materials (polyethylene powder) outside the distribution network worth seven billion rials in Azna city

Sardar Haji Mohammad Mehdian Nasab stated today: October 4, that Azna security police officers immediately took action to investigate the news that a trailer vehicle carrying petrochemicals of the polyethylene powder type outside the distribution network.

He added: “After coordination with the judicial authority and invisible care, the officers stopped the vehicle at the entrance of the city and during the inspections, 29 bags weighing 23 tons of polyethylene powder were found outside the distribution network without a customs bill of lading and one person was arrested.

The Lorestan police commander continued: the experts announced the value of the discovered goods as seven billion Rials, and the accused was introduced to the competent authorities by filing a case for legal proceedings.