About us

Undoubtedly, polymer industries are not possible without additives that facilitate the work of downstream industries.

start of activity

The beginning of our work goes back to about a century ago with the production of all kinds of brushes for shoes and clothes and paint pens, whose raw materials are completely natural and used after processing.

But then

With modern technology and the advancement of industries and its impact on Iran’s industries, even downstream industries and workshops, we started producing synthetic hair and replacing it with natural hair, which in 1374 and in line with our goals towards self-sufficiency, We started the production of PVC, PA, PBT, PP, PET monofilament yarns in different sizes and shapes.

The emergence of Siboye wax

The spark of the creation of Wax Original under the management of Kazem Zahiri after the production of masterbatch and polymer compounds of Seboye Wax in 2013. Today, national production and entrepreneurship was the introduction of our work in the polymer industry of Iran, and we were able to become the first wax producer of new polyethylene and polypropylene materials, with polar and non-polar molecular fracture methods, in different grades with excellent quality and the same sample level. Become a foreigner.

the future

Siboye Wax Polymer Factory, with the prospect of activity in the fields of production, research, innovation, development and promotion of raw materials and polymer additives, we intend to increase the diversity of our products in the not too distant future and be able to export to other countries. increase, hoping to serve the polymer industries of Iran.